Here at Four Oaks Baptist Church we run a series of micro-communities during the week, allowing our Church family to meet in small groups regularly to share friendship and fellowship, and to grow relationships within our Church family and with God.

In our micro-communities we encourage Bible study, discussion, sharing of life and faith, and the love of Jesus.  Our micro-communities aren’t just Bible study and discussion groups; those of all walks of faith and life can share encouragement, wisdom and support, promoting togetherness in our Church through social events and activities.

There are a number of groups that meet throughout the week and groups that meet in daytime as well as evenings. Here’s Phil explaining a bit more about what being a part of a group looks like.

Church small groups all hold different weights to those in Church and those one the outside. To one person they are a source of life, excitement and hope, but to others the concept of joining one can seem daunting.

Matt, like many, was nervous about joining a small group at a previous church, but he eventually took the jump.

“As an adult in Church, I had reservations about joining a housegroup. I was worried that I didn’t read the Bible enough, that I didn’t know enough about praying out loud, that I didn’t know the people well enough. I eventually decided to give it a go.

I went into the first grew still unsure about it all, having convinced myself it was going to be all very high-level Bible study, complicated discussions and really intellectual prayer. In reality, it was just a group of normal, everyday people getting together to journey together in their faith; all being at different points in their lives and different points in their faith journey. They all had lots of their own worries and questions about life and church. It was simply a group getting together to spend time exploring faith, worshipping God, working together to come up with some answers to the big questions.

And yes, there is Bible conversation and study, but when you’re in a group of people that you’re regularly spending time with, building fellowship and friendship with, it’s not a scary thing at all. I found the group really fulfilling, developed in my faith and really valued those groups as a safe space to get to bow God better.”

To find out more and to become a part of our micro-communities with FOBC, please get in touch.